Alexander Sulim

Software Engineer. Maker.

A software engineer building the web professionally for the last fifteen years, recently focused on backend challenges at Babbel.

Recent blog posts

The excitement of making things real

A software engineer career started for me in 2001 when I joined a tiny start-up company as a junior developer. Since then I was working in different companies and different roles. There is one thing that is still every time magical and makes me feel like a kid.

Teaching kids responsibility

Not being able to leave an apartment for a couple of weeks due to a COVID-19 quarantine is hard. Going through that with a six years old kid is a real challenge.

To keep being happy we were trying different activities (reading, drawing, doing crazy indoor sports challenges, and so on). One of these activities was video games. That’s how my son Tim and I discovered an amazing game - “Alba: a wildlife adventure” from ustwo games.

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