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A software engineer building the web professionally for the last fifteen years, recently focused on backend challenges at Babbel.

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Why do I write tests?

Recently I had an interesting conversation with colleagues on the topic of writing tests for code. In particular, it was about tests for hotfixes that need to be deployed as soon as possible. In this post, I’ll leave the results of that conversation aside and focus on what it inspired me to think about. On the question “Why do I write tests for code?”

How we started a podcast

A week ago my friend Pablo and me released the very first episode of Code && Beyond. None of us had any experience in podcasting or ever worked with voice and audio. But we did that!


Code && Beyond

Code && Beyond

A (semi)weekly podcast with my friend Pablo and me, two software engineers with more than 35 years of professional experience combined. We talk about creativity, productivity, problem solving, tools, culture, and anything beyond, but still related to the daily life of a software developer.

Give it a listen at or in your favorite podcast player.

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