Alexander Sulim

Backend Engineer and Happiness Hero at GoHiring

One of the best achievements in the year of 2016 was nomination for Ruby Prize Award. It's a honor to be on the same list of such amazing people. Read more - "Ruby Prize Award 2016 nominees named".


I'm very proud of two my projects dedicated to Ruby community - and

The community blog dedicated to Ruby language.

The job board with Ruby/Rails related vacancies.

oembed gem

It's a simple to use and slim (~150 LoC) library to work with oEmbed format. It has no external dependencies at runtime. All you need to have is Ruby itself.

The gem was featured on Ruby Weekly and Ruby5.


A datepicker add-on based on bootstrap-datepicker library which can be used in Ember CLI applications.

The add-on was featured on Ember Weekly.

Social profiles

You can't reach me on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Google+. I'm available on GitHub and Twitter.


Please, send me an email at, and I'll respond as soon as possible.


From time to time I write on Medium.