Teaching kids responsibility

Not being able to leave an apartment for a couple of weeks due to a COVID-19 quarantine is hard. Going through that with a six years old kid is a real challenge.

To keep being happy we were trying different activities (reading, drawing, doing crazy indoor sports challenges, and so on). One of these activities was video games. That’s how my son Tim and I discovered an amazing game - “Alba: a wildlife adventure” from ustwo games.

Tim plays 'Alba: a wildlife adventure

Tim loves animals and anything related to them. That’s why Alba got our attention. It’s a story about a little girl who sets out to save wildlife on a little island. The game isn’t just a cute adventure where you need to run around and do some tasks. It’s much more!

The game teaches young people how to be responsible and how important to care about everything and everyone around you. It gives examples of how our actions could have a negative and positive effects. The game shows that “even the smallest person can make a big difference”!

Tim and I were playing the game together. I was doing only narration because he cannot read yet. It was an amazing experience to see my kid living the story of the game, how he was proud of saving the wildlife on the little island. But the biggest surprise came later!

When the game was over, Tim went outside on the terrace and collected all the garbage he could find there (little pieces of paper and plastic packaging, and whatever else the wind could bring). “I’m doing that like Alba”, he said.

ustwo games created not just a beautiful video game. It’s much more. The game experience goes beyond the virtual world. It creates positive emotions and shows that a little kid can change the real world. Thank you ustwo games!

The official website of the game: https://www.albawildlife.com/

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